People tend to scare me. I mean, what is it with you guys? All...normal and what not. I don't know. People just get to me sometimes. Why? I also don't know again. People need to get a grip on things. Figure out what their lives are truly about and not focus on all the bad thing. Way to many people so that and someone should do something about it. Well technically, nobody can't do anything about it because it is in a person'd nature to be that way, whether if it is good or bad, we worry and do all the silly things us humans do to stay alive. Our day just isn't complete without worrying about one little pointless thing. Because that's just how we are and I don't understand any of it. Even though it clearly seems like I do, but I don't and it's just really frustrating. Ugh.

I am going to have to start interacting with people starting next Thursday, since that's when school starts. Also, got my schedule today. I don't think there has been a year where they have gotten all of my classes correct. This year wasn't any different. Except there wasn't an hour long line in which I had to wait in, which was absolutely amazing. Well this is my last year anyway and then I'm off to college. Out of California. And into Washington.

More people interaction. Gulp. 

If you read this and you live in Washington, please give me a heads up because I will be up there and know absolutely no one. And I'm actually terrified. Hence the gulp.

Tea and movies the rest of the night, and contemplating on getting photography for a class instead of yearbook (: yes?

Tabs <3

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