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Lately I have been scribbling down my thoughts either in my iPod or on any form of peice of paper around me. My blog has seemed to die down just like the heat and my schedule has been rather busy. School and family have taken over much more, life is hectic. I have even been more out of it lately than I usually am. For example, I screamed at a parking meter at school yesterday and called my professor a lying liar from liarsburg. As much as I enjoy working a Psych quote into a conversation, that was way out of line. Everyone that was in the parking lot while I was screaming at the meter also probably think I am insane. I need some form of major rexlaxation besides watching Charlie Chaplin reruns and studying when I have spare time. My nerdness is beginning to show more and my head is spinning from everything that is going on around me. Take a deep breathe. Heeee hoooo.

There are so many different people in this world that it just astounds me. I live in the tiniest area on this world and when I experience other cultures, my mind starts soaring with questions about what type of people cover the rest of this rock we live on. I wonder about what kind of imagination they have, what type of food they eat, whether they are out in the open or hidden in some secret place, what kind of beliefs they have, what clothes they wear, and a lot more. Not very many people know this (or maybe they do not want to know this) but human beings are astounding. Look at what every different race that occupies this earth has created. We have cars that run off of electricity, spaceships, and maybe even hoverboards soon (that is more of a pipe dream). It is truly amazing.

I always wished I could travel the world and just stop in every country that came to my mind. I would take pictures with everyone that I met and write about everything I would see. I could just invision taking part in their daily lives and see the smiles on their faces. Everyone in this world is just so incredibly beautiful. No matter what culture you are apart of, you are awesome. Sure we all have our flaws and do things that others might see out of the ordinary. However, we have a few things in common. We all cry, laugh, smile, scream, and just let go. We all feel. We are all connected together and it doesn't matter where we are from. We are all beautiful disasters.

I wish I could stay longer but sadly my time is up. I will now proceed to put on some form of a movie and do homework like the good student that I am. Have a wonderful night world. If you see the sun come up, tell it I said Good Morning.

Peppermint Tea,
Tabs <3

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