One of Those Days. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
You know those days where right when you get out of bed, something just doesn't feel right? When you sigh at the spectacular pancakes that are awaiting you on the table along with maple syrup, and the amazing hot chocolate right when you wake up? Do you know that feeling? As if you were just told you won a million dollars and then, out of nowhere, a film crew comes out with one of those spiffy guys that can't stop smiling and he yells "GOTCHA!" right in your face? I usually refer to it as having "One of those days." Every one of us has had them every now and again, and let me just say, they really are not fun. You feel like punching everyone in the face. Everything seems to be turning against you. Your toaster decides to break down. You grab your favorite Christmas socks, and find out the left one is missing. You realize that you missed last nights episode of Chopped. Just that kind of stuff. 

"One of those days" can't typically be referred to as a disease, although it should be. It can create some pretty bad side effects. Sighing, unusual rashes, deliberately sitting on your roof eating a sandwich while it's pouring rain outside, etc. Things that seem to be unexplainable. However, that's life and these days do seem to come whether we like them or not (I don't think anyone likes them though so scratch that). Here are some ways that you might be able to cure your downside for the day.

- Sing a song. Yes, singing does in fact calm the nerves. Not a terrible depressing song either. Something fun and bouncy. Like the alphabet or the rubber ducky song. Definitely winners. Songs that glorify God always puts me in a fantastic mood. Avoid songs that have the words "die" and "kill". They will just condone you to doing just those things and give you bad thoughts. Smile while singing also. Plaster that fascinating creepy smile on and sing like there is no tomorrow!

- Cook something. I'm not talking about the box stuff that's already pre-made for you. No. Bad. Dislike. Get your butt up off that couch of yours (sighing is acceptable while getting up), pull out that pan that you never use, and spontaneously turn into Julia Child. Make scrambled eggs, pasta, cupcakes on the stove, whatever your heart desires. However, try not incinerating everything that the pan comes in contact with. Yes, burning a few things will be inevitable, but let your house/apartment not be one of them. 

Those are just two simple things, but there are a ton more. I'll probably try them both in a little bit. In fact, i'll do the singing one right now! And actually it's called "Sing Along" by Sixteen Cities. Very good song. Very inspiring. 

But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. "Do not fear what they fear; do not be frightened."
Take courage.
1 Peter 3:14

That's a fantastic verse to go by. Always have courage and faith in the Lord! When you're having "One of those days," don't get too discouraged. Pray to the Lord continuously and rejoice in Him. He will give you happiness and joy through any type of discouragement your going through. 

Happy Sunday and take your vitamins,
Tabs <3

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