"I’ve never lived in New York, but sometimes I dream of doing it. If I was somebody different, I might move there with an old, sticker-covered, brown suitcase in the trunk of a decrepit old Datsun with a crack in the windshield, find a miserly landlord in one of those tenement halls Simon and Garfunkel sang about, and work a hundred hours a week at a corner bar to get by…and I might sing shyly at a club on Tuesdays until I got the nerve up to write some music and hire an old man to play upright bass with me. And then, slowly, I might go from mouse to maven…at first, New York City would move me around like a knight on a chessboard, up and down staircases and through subway stations and forward and backward on its fast-flying sidewalks, but then I might begin to move in it like a dancer…knowingly, pliably, gracefully…ever-conscious that New York doesn’t need me, but learning that I had a place there if I would only carve it out." - Audrey Assad

I have always wanted to go to New York. I love the city and everything that is in it. I love all the cars, the lights, smell of exhaust, the hundreds of different people that all have their own story to tell, I just love it. Everything about it just entices me even more. One day, I will go there. I'll stay there for a month just see if it is really what I've been dreaming about. I'll paint my name all over it while I'm there, and draw my inspiration on everyone I hope to meet. I'll eat my heart out in happiness and savor every morsel of hope. Just for one month though. You know what they say. Well, actually I don't really know what they say so maybe I'll stay there a little while longer. I won't get there by plane though. Oh no. I'll drive and I'll take the long way. I'll weave my way through every state possible and have much laughter along the way. I honestly, can't wait.

Now you have had a peak into one of my main dreams. I have many of these dreams, but they're just dreams and I may not even be able to do any of them. However, I will dream on. I will dream as if there is no tomorrow and you should do the same. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot dream. Dreams are the only thing we can hang onto, that really explain who we are. If somebody takes that away from us, then we have lost ourselves. We have lost all that we have made ourselves to be. Be strong and determined. Dream with all of your heart and stand up for these dreams. We might not have the time or the ability to achieve them, but for the most part they keep us going. They keep us aspiring in the fact that there is something better out there, even if it isn't within our reach. Keep reaching and don't stop reaching. Dream and believe.

On another note, I think I've officially tanned my way through spring. I'm afraid to see what I'll look like when summer is over. Is this a good thing? Maybe. Summer has arrived early here in wonderful California. It was 93 degrees today. 93 degrees. I'm boggled. Also hot. It's going to be dark soon and I'm thinking about spending the night in my backyard. I need to get a good look at those stars. 

The Coca Cola company makes Dasani water? Interesting.,
Tabs <3

Thomas Lukasik
5/10/2011 05:25:59 am

>> "The Coca Cola company makes Dasani water? Interesting"

Actually, we both know who **really** makes the water -- right? ;-)

- Sparkenstein

5/11/2011 01:58:10 pm

Of course, there's only one who can make water :)


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