Jamie was sitting on her front porch, with a smile upon her lips. It was a lovely day. The sun was shining through the trees, letting its beams gently settle across the bright green grass. The sky was gentle blue color, as it always seemed to be after a big rainstorm. Birds were chirping as they were admiring nature’s beauty and leaves were fluttering to the ground in the soft breeze. What a gorgeous sight. She took a deep breath and let everything around her sink in. The wooden steps under her were still sprinkled with little drops of water and she could feel them seeping through her jeans. No problem, she thought to herself, I’ll just change when I get back in later. The scenery was just to wonderful to abandon. 

     The wide open space from their countryside farm seemed so much larger when the skies were clear. It gave the feeling that the land was just never ending and that it would take hours to walk from the house to the barn, when in reality it only took a minute. Sometimes she would wander out into the wide open fields and imagine herself soaring above this entire world. What would the view look like from up there? Is it really as wide and big as it seems from down below? She pondered these things continuously. Jamie then slowly stood up and let her fingers find their way into her jacket pockets. She made her way down onto the gravel driveway and listened as the pebbles made a crunching sound under her shoes as she walked. 

     When she got to the only main road that passed by her house, she peered down it in both directions. Not one neighbor in sight and that was how her family liked it. Jamie, her parents, and her three brothers grew up cut off from civilization. When they went to school, it took about one hour just to drive there. It would take longer in the rain since you had to be more careful about the dirt stretches that came out of nowhere and would suddenly make you slide into a ditch. That was a long time ago though, now she was home schooled. It did in fact get lonely, but everything around her kept her mind occupied. Sometimes, their only neighbor who lived about five miles away would stop by and visit for a couple of hours. Even some of her old friends from school that kept in touch would bike the long journey to her house and stay the night. Jamie liked remembering that there were other actual people who lived on this earth other than her family and all of their farm animals.

    Suddenly, a huge mass of dark clouds yet again rolled in and enveloped the entire landscape. Jamie knew that the rain was coming back, and her smile got even larger. She looked toward the heavens and as if on cue, she felt a small drop of water fall on her cheek. It subtly rolled down and was soon followed by another, and another, until she was being plummeted. It felt as if someone was holding a sprinkler above her head. The birds that were hovering above quickly went and took cover, while you could hear the large splashing sound that came from the rain hitting the trees. Jamie closed her eyes, slowly lifted her hands upwards, and held on to this sweet moment God had given her. She felt every emotion all at once. In times like these she knew that although they had no one near them, she was never alone. Everything around her breathed life. She felt comforted. She felt joy. She felt freedom.

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