Okay so tonight is the premiere of our play that we've been working on. It's called Francine's Will and it's pretty darn hilarious. The drama crew did a great job and are still doing fantastic. We did two run-through's yesterday and they were awesome. Today is the big cahuna deal though. The first night. Opening night. I'm nervous. Super nervous and I'm not even going on stage. I'll just be helping with lights, getting everyone dressed, hair, make-up, and moving furniture around during blackouts an intermission. So why am I this nervous? I have no idea. I'm all antsy and all over the place. 


I'm sorry but I just really had to get all that out. I have to go get ready and what not for the day ahead. Just wanted to get on here and vent a little before I head over there. I'll try and write after the play. Have a great and un-nervous day everyone!

Tabs <3

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