I don't remember if I ever wrote about music and what it means. Well, what it means to me at least. If you ever seem around, almost 95% of the time I have my headphones in. If I'm not listening to music, I'm either singing or humming a song that I have stuck in my head. I listen to everything except music that screams at me or has profanity. Why would anyone want to hear someone cussing at them in singing form? It makes no sense to me. I probably also have more Elvis Presley music on my iPod than any regular teenager should. Nonetheless! Music is a total constant for me. 

Music, in a way, is something that helps us escape from the real world. It takes us somewhere completely different where we can revel in memories or in the comfort of something that seems to understand us. We even sometimes rely on it to express our own feelings which we can't seem to say out loud. This seems to calm us in a way that no one or anything else can for that matter. It flows through us like our own blood. We feel it in every part of our body and it reaches deep down into our soul where it takes hold of our deepest inner emotions. We can't control it. We, however, also don't want to control it. Why would we want to control something that makes us feel like we can be or do anything? No one can take our music away from us. Literally, someone can probably take away your iPod or stereo for playing it to loud. Maybe someone can yell at you for having your headphones in during an "important" meeting at which time you will take them out, sighing all the while, but your still playing that one song over and over again in your head. 

Some people also believe that music can only be considered music if it includes some type of instrument or a lovely voice to go with it. That is in fact, completely untrue. Music is everywhere and in everything, but not everyone can hear it. If you put different types of sounds together that are around you, you could create a type of music that is more beautiful and astounding than anything you have ever dreamed of hearing. It's the type of music that can't be written down into notes. It can't be written down on paper or mimicked in any sort of way because it would be totally unethical to do so. Music like that, is what some people wait an entire lifetime to hear. However we take advantage of this, and tend to not really take the time to listen to it. This music flows through one ear and goes out the other, while we're busy fighting with the ATM machine or just completely lost in thought. One day, just sit outside for about five minutes and take in your surroundings. Take in everything that you hear. I do this a lot, and I guess it's what is mostly keeping me going throughout this crazy journey we call life. Everything that God has created in this world makes such a beautiful sound, and I would like you to hear it also. You can hear it anytime, but this is only if you choose to do so.

Today just seems to be one of those I-feel-like-going-to-sleep-early days. Right after I watch a movie which I most likely won't pay any attention too. Permit test tomorrow. Hoping I'll pass and don't get lost on the way there again. Yikes. Have a wonderful night everyone.

Just breathe and pray,
Tabs <3

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