Morning. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
The children were still sound asleep in their beds. You could hear their slow, gentle breathing as they were dreaming the rest of the night away. They grinned as they glided along through their wondrous adventures and said their farewells to whomever was with them. Hats were being tipped and curtsy's were made. Every once in a while you could see a tear rolling down ones cheek as the dream ended, afraid to venture back out into reality. However, it had to be done. Soon groggy eyes were going to begin opening and the blankets were to be tugged under the chin. Tired, but ready for the day ahead.

Parents are already downstairs, awake long ago. Mother is making breakfast in the kitchen with a song upon her lips. Her delicate voice is not to loud, yet just high enough for the waking children to hear it. Even when she is long gone, they will still be able to hear her voice emanating in their memories. Father is sitting in his rocking chair, reading the paper. He takes a sip of his coffee and slowly turns the page. You could hear the bacon sizzling, making it's own musical chorus throughout the house. The toaster makes a popping sound, it's work done. Pancakes are being flipped and orange juice is poured into colorful glasses that would  brighten anyone's day. The atmosphere is joyous and wonderful.

This is nature's cue to begin its everyday process. The grass is covered in a wonderful blanket of dew, as if someone sprinkled it by hand on each individual blade. There is a slight breeze that lightly shifts the trees from side to side, letting them stretch their trunks and ruffle their leaves. The flowers then fully open their beautiful petals and let their sweet aroma waft anyone that passes by, automatically putting a smile on their face. The birds slowly look out from their nest and blink repeatedly. They shiver a little and puff up their feathers, the breeze is a tad to chilly for them. The sun, still yawning and slowly creeping out onto the horizon, sweeps it's rays over the earth and let's it's warmth engulf everything it encounters. It's beautiful colors paint the sky. 

It is morning.

Have a wonderful day,
Tabs <3

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