That's my papa bear with his incredibly amazing snowman. I remember this picture so very well. I can't remember where it was taken since I was pretty small, but I remember that artifully crafted block of frozen water.

We decided to go skiing that day. Well actually, better yet said, we decided to go sliding on those UFO looking disks down an incredibly steep and dangerous hill. Even though I believe I only went halfway down it, it was fun. There were no broken bones involved or fractured ankles, so it had been a good day. My dad started making that snowman soon after we had arrived and he left me in my brothers care. Every time we passed by him, that snowman kept taking its shape even more. Then later, he had finally finished it and there was only one word to describe it: AWESOME. It also just so happened that some sort of news network happened to be there and he made it in TV, which was completely cool for a little kid like me.

What's one of your best memories?

Tabs <3

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