Jamba Juice... - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.

is amazing. Just the fruitiness of having it blended together in a smooth frozen drink. It's even better than a smoothie. There is no way to describe them precisely. However, they are not when they're completely frozen solid. I paid $2.50 at lunch for a frozen mango drink. So I had to eat it like ice cream, which was a new experience for me. Next time you have Jamba Juice, freeze a little bit and try it. It really different. Not only due to the fact that it is frozen. It's like....being put on a new planet and discovering that they also eat McDonald's and like cotton candy. That kind of different. I'm not sure if that makes any sense at the moment. Just think about it a lot and it will start coming together more.

School is the same, dull and time seems to be going even slower than usual. Extremely glad today is Friday though :) tomorrow is Saturday, my extreme day of laziness and my catching up on movies. It's either going to be comedies or black and white Charlie Chaplin shows. Both of them sound amazing. Maybe a mixture of both? Who knows. Depends on how the weather is (me and hot weather don't mix very well as you have hopefully seen). Yes, the weather also affects me on what movies I'm going to watch. Weird, I know. But I technically like being weird.

Saw a single cloud stranded in the middle of the bright blue sky today. It made me kind of feel sorry for it. Maybe it likes being stranded though. Just maybe, it likes being alone. So why feel sorry for a cloud? I'm not to sure, but I do.

Have a great day,
Tabs <3

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