I hate that chocoate bars show your calorie intake. I'm already feeling bad about myself for eating it, and now you want to insult me with how much fat I'm also injesting? Companies need to start thinking about different types of marketing techniques, which includes leaving out this information. If you want to find out the nutritional facts, they should have a website you can go to. If not, thank goodness and let me eat my sweets without guilt being involved. Here is what should be put there instead:

Serving Size: The entire bar, of course. If we would want you to eat something smaller then we wouldn't sell it to you like this.
Calories: We took out the calories and replace them with lots of love.
    Calories from Fat: There's fat in chocolate bars? Since when?
Total Fat: Didn't we just go over this?
Cholesterol: A couple bites couldn't hurt.
Sodium: We believe this has something to do with salt. That is all.
Total Carbohydrates: Your body actually needs a bunch of this stuff so it can keep working properly. You're eating the right food.
    Dietary Fiber: Not much, but enough.
    Sugars: A little to much, but satisfiable.
Protein: There's actually some of this amazing stuff in here!

That about sums it up. If you think something should be changed or added, feel free to pitch in. I'm always ups for a good laugh.

Being an occasional writer, I always wonder what it would be like to actually have something published one day. Would it be a novel or some sort of essay? Or would it be a poem that would end up in an amazing book that I would see on the shelf of Barnes & Noble? Would whatever I wrote be taught to children or would a girl from a university be reading it on the front steps of the library? I wonder a ton. My mind reels from even the slightest thought of seeing something of mine published in a book store or sitting on someones shelf. However, only God knows what my future holds. I try not to preoccupy myself with what will happen ahead of this time, but concentrate more on the present. Everything that is going on right now is much more important than what is in the past or what will happen. I like leaving God in control, He's much more understanding about this world.

I will now announce the date for my baptism which will be February 26th. It will be awesome and one of my close friends as church is also getting baptized with me. Woo hoo! Excited can't even begin to describe it. Nervous? Yes, I believe so. But nonetheless, very happy.

Alright time to do some relaxation before heading to sleep. For example, watching Flipped while drinking out of an old fashioned Coke bottle. Also trying to get over the fact of eating that entire IKEA chocolate bar. The regret started overcoming me when I saw the nutrition facts. I still stand by what I said earlier and they should be taken off. People would feel way better about what they eat. Sort of.

Delicious flavor,
Tabs <3

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