Yes I'm thinking I am one. It's about to be 12:00 AM here in the wonderful state of California and no, I have not gone to sleep yet. For some of you, this may be normal. For others (such as myself), it's really weird since I love sleep and sleep also tends to love me. We actually get along quite well. We tell each other stories and have tea parties. Just kidding. I think. Anyway I am far from tired and debating on which movie to watch. It's a tie between Alice (the Syfy version of Alice in Wonderland, watch it!) and The Perfect Man. Two of my all time favorite movies that i'm having a dilemma of choosing between. Why do some movies have to be so great?

Anyway back to me being sleep deprived. Is that normal? I mean yeah I'm a teenager and on summer vacation (big whoop) and it's usual to be staying up until 2 o'clock in the morning, but that's never happened to me. I find sleep kind of annoying now. A waste of time so to speak. I would rather be reading, writing, or watching a repeat of Psych. Which is an amazing show by the way. But is there anyone else out there whose sleep deprivation is kind of weirding them out? Speak now or forever hold your peace (well not forever...i hope). School starts next week so I need to get my sleeping pattern back in order soon. So maybe I'll just start counting sheep and hope for the best.

Oh yes, Friday was my birthday. Just another day of the year that I camped out in my backyard with my best friend and watch scary movies all night long (another night lacking sleep). I think she was more excited for my birthday than I was. I don't consider my birthday very special. Yes, it was the day I was born, I understand that, but celebrations are just blah. Cause to much problems. Better to just grab a carton of ice cream, stay home under some blankets, and watch a bunch of black and white movies. Now doesn't that sound like an absolutely fantastic night? Well it does to me, even if you disagree I'm sorry to say. 

Oh by the way, new page look and new picture. I'm not sure I'm liking it. I don't know. Is the insomnia just taking over? Possibly? Who knows.

Ciao and Good Night (maybe?),
Tabs <3

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