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First of all, I'm alright. No visible bruising from wrangling with the oven earlier and I am thankfully still alive. I do have a couple of minor burns but they will subside by tomorrow morning. So here is what happened. Earlier today I got a major craving for biscuits. I have no idea why and I don't intend to question it. So there I am in my kitchen, oven mitt on and whistling away with a tray of unbaked biscuits in hand! I preheat the oven and shove the biscuits in. About 2 minutes later I smell something burning. I automatically jump up and rush to the oven at lightning speed. I open the oven and large amounts of smoke comes rushing out. I indeed let out an incredibly high pitched scream, threw the tray of biscuits out of the oven, and opened every window in the house. After the smoke went away and the oven was cooled off, I proceeded to clean it with my mom. We went through this process three times. Oven was turned on, smoke was released, screaming/coughing, and then cleaning it. This did not help at all. The oven is still freaking out and it took about two hours to make a batch of biscuits that are supposed to cook in eight minutes. All in all, a pretty interesting day.

My last post literally said it all on the updating part. Which is actually pretty sad since that means nothing else is going on in my life which also leads to the unalterable fact that I'm as boring as ever. Excitement really isn't my best trait and I'm actually pretty used to it.

How are you all though? How is this wonderful yet incredibly crazy world treating you? What have you done lately? Have you made any dreams come true? Have you wished upon a star? Did you tell that person you like them yet? I mean you have to tell them soon, it's only a matter of time before they find out. Have you been swimming yet? What's that new house you moved into like? Are you neighbors fabulous? Did you get any new pets? Did you do anything daring or adventurous? If so, what was it? Did you take any pictures? Were you scared? Excited? Did you tinkle your pants? No need to answer that question. Are you going on vacation soon? Where too? The beach? Europe? 

Whenever I think about all the questions that are running through my mind and all the questions that I want to ask, I find it astounding how much I haven't done. I wish I could do more, I really do. However, I love hearing other people's stories also. I love hearing where people travel, what they've done and accomplished in their lived, and how what it took to achieve all of these things. So please, feel free to share with me. If not, then I will still give you a round of applause to all of the adventures you have been in. They were probably absolutely amazing and I wish I could go on them too.

It's almost 12:00 AM and my best friend an I are planning to fry an egg on the sidewalk tomorrow so it's going to be a pretty big day. I need to build up some strength for that with sleep and some lemonade. I hope you all have a wonderful night and not burn your house down with your oven.

Good Night,
Tabs <3

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