I don't ever remember doing something to get the police angry with me. Well, not recently anyway. This same helicopter has been hovering above my neighborhood (mostly our house) for about ten hours now. This thing will not going away and it's so unbelievable loud. The only reason I was able to sleep for about two hours is because I shoved three pillows over my head and put on a movie to deafen out the sounds. As soon as I woke up, it was still there! I'm really debating on calling their police station and lodging a formal complaint against their own helicopter saying that it's causing a public disturbance. Either that, or go outside and shake my fist threateningly at said helicopter. If it doesn't go away soon, things are going to get ugly. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The wonderful holiday filled with leprechaun's chuckling with heir gold, and Irish accents. I'm not wearing green though, so I have a feeling that I'm going to get pinched quite a bit today. I always wondered who started that pinching ritual. It's not very nice. In elementary school, some people used punching instead of pinching. Apparently you had to get the message across clearer that you weren't wearing green, so you got a blow to the arm. You had to suck up your tears, and take it like the brave 3rd grader you were. By the end of the day, you're proudly wearing multiple bruises on each arm and survived a day without wearing green. Ah, the things we did as kids. Now we just realize we aren't wearing green and get on with out day. That's not very fun but hey, at least you aren't getting slammed in the arm. It also might hurt a bit more now since we have muscles. Ouch.

Not much to do today besides some homework and going to a tennis game where I will avoid those mean pinchers/punches. Time to go make some waffles and tea. Yum.

Tabs <3

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