starts losing it's wonderful taste about about 3 bottles of it. My sickness is slowly wearing off, which is good, it's just that it's wearing off extremely slow. Living off of Ritz crackers for 2 days doesn't go to well for me either. 

So you remember my amazing oragami heart that took me many attempts to make? I decided I was going to show it to you, and the rest of the world. You'll have to look at it sideways though (feel free to also appreciate my very bright blue wall haha). I was so proud of my heart, I included myself in the picture. You guys may think my heart looks pretty horrible, and maybe lopsided, but I worked very hard on it so give me the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, my heart may even give someone inspiration to cheer up a sick person (referring maybe even to me), or even give a dollar to a homeless man with a stray dog by his side sitting outside your neighborhood McDonald's. Do a good deed! The world needs them right now. That homeless man is waiting for you.

As you can tell, I have probably taken to much Tylenol and am practically half asleep at the moment and am rambling like a complete idiot and also going insane from being in the house and on a bed for 2 days (horrible run-on sentence, i know) and unable to eat anything besides crackers and toast, I need something to do. Watching television and movies tends to get boring. The only thing that drowns out aching muscles and an upset stomach is sleep. Which I find really overrated, but I love it. Does that makes any sense?

Sometimes I actually wonder if anyone ever reads what I write. But then I tell myself, why do you care what people think? I don't know...maybe I write just to get others opinions sometimes. When I'm to confused to think for myself and my thought process isn't working, I think well what if someone else has an opinion about this? And not just me? Gosh. It's so weird to think that way but I guess that'a just how I am? A confusing writer with too much on her mind. And sick of gatorade. What a life.

I'm sorry if I'm being sort of a pessimist but I'm just totally out of it. Maybe I should just sleep and put you out of your misery. Or maybe watch another Charlie Chaplin movie, whichever comes first. Good night world.

Tabs <3

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