They are always the same. "As if you're on a new planet, breathing a new atmosphere.." So many new people, I just don't even know where to begin. Overcrowding classrooms, and most are inattentive to anything the teacher has to say. Same old stuff. Except I think I'm less interested to everything that is happening around me than anyone else. Just want to get through the day with my dignity and earphones still intact. Do too my quietness in classes where I know no one, it's sort of difficult for me to make new friends. I do try every once in a while to talk to someone, but then it goes to that really weird awkward silence. Sometimes I think it's easier to say something on paper, than it is to say it out loud. 

School is one of those things that I want to get through as painlessly as possible. Although that isn't always the outcome, I can always dream that it will happen. Or at least hope that it will happen.  Usually something goes wrong, and either the solution will be hard to discover, or won't be solved which leaves us to wonder at what could have been been, instead of what there already is in front of us. I'm not sure if that makes any sense. Does anything make any sense these days though? I think not, so maybe that sort of proves my point to my whole ranting.

Been busy the last couple of days, getting everything ready for school, doing all the AP homework I procrastinated from doing over the summer, all the usual stuff. Finally found a moment to just stop, relax, grab my favorite movie, and just take a deep breathe. And these few moments just feel amazing. Have an amazing Thursday everyone :)

Tabs <3

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