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not sure if I can make it through all of my homework. Studying should be considered a major form of death, and I can be used as an example. I completely fell asleep on my government book last night, but my alarm went off about 5 times this morning and my parents even banged repeatedly on my door, and I didn't hear them. They had to unlock my door and shake me awake since I was so asleep. World War III could have started and I would've slept through the whole thing, then woken up and wondered why there are so many people dead and why the sky is so dark with smoke. Most likely I'll be falling asleep around 9 tonight, which actually sounds fantastic.

Thanks to the fact that I am now stage manager of the Drama Club, vice president of Asian Club, involved in Royalty Club, and doing video for Yearbook, some days I barely get home until about 5:00. Such as today for instance. There was auditioning for the fall play in drama, lots of people showed up and so I stayed to help (having two of my best friends being president of Drama and Asian club makes it hard for me to say no). Everyone got to audition at least once and the play is called "30 Reasons Not To Join A Play." Ironic? Yes, I would say so but it's pretty funny so I can't really make any bad comments on it. However, I always seem to be exhausted when I arrive home. Blah.

But it's the good kind of blah though since your getting exhausted with your friends. If you were to be getting exhausted with random strangers then it wouldn't be very much fun and it would also be kind of weird. With friends though, you can always be yourself and even look tired around them. They would most likely try and get you even more tired, even from what may be a lot of ridiculous protests coming from you.

It feels like I'm getting sick. Oh boy. This isn't good. 

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