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I have received my laptop back. And with internet. HOORAH!

My stomach pains have receded from a huge knife stabbing me repeatedly in my belly button every three seconds, to a slow dull needle every once in a while. Thank you Lord and all of you who prayed for me! For those of you who haven't read my recent posts, I have a stomach infection called H Pylori. There is a cure for it, but I had a pretty bad reaction to the medication that landed me in the ER. I tried the medication again just last week, but in smaller doses, so i'm waiting a couple more days to see what happens. Let's pray everything clears up and I'm all sparkly amazing pretty soon.

Prom. The topic for today.

You all have seen prom in many different forms. Whether with your own eyes since you attended it, or in some type of horror film. Either way you've seen it, they all include the basics:
-Tacky decorations.
-Prom dresses that seem to be getting shorter each year.
-Bad perfume and cologne smells.
-Dancing that really shouldn't be seen in public.
-That flower thingy that girls wear on their wrists.
-Overly strict teachers gettin their groove on, embarrassing themselves.
-That one guy who is totally wasted beyond belief and thinks to himself, "Pants? Boxers? Who need's em!" and streaks out with a security guard chasing him waving around the boy's briefs. 

My old school's prom is coming up pretty soon, and I really don't intend on going. I know what you're thinking, "You're going to miss prom? That's the ultimate teen experience dumbo!" Okay first of all, I am not a dumbo so watch the language there pal. Secondly, I don't do dresses. Any dress for that matter. I would rather let a vicious man eating hamster claw at my face until it bleeds, rather than wear a dress. The heels too. Oh man, don't let me get started on those things. Anyway, veering off topic! Prom is in about a month. The torture fest. The zombie invasion. The alien massacre. And I might have to go. Gag me. However, when you're best friend threatens you that if she goes, you WILL go, you know she means it. At least I know that my best friend does. she will drag me there kicking, screaming, crying, and whining like a little sad disturbed child just so I'll be there to endure it with her. Ohh what a joy. Lovely in every way, isn't it? 

On a happy note, today was a beautiful day. It was indeed cloudy, but the weather was just absolutely perfect. I will thank God for that. A very slight breeze that was strong enough to ruffle ones hair, but not enough to give you the chills. There aren't many days like that in this world anymore. When there are, some of us don't really take the opportunity to seize it. We acknowledge it, but don't actually take our time to feel the wonders that it can bring. Relaxation, calmness, zen. Those are only just a few. All we have to do is close our eyes, and feel what we really aren't able to see. That is what's so great. The things that we can't really see, give us the best feelings. A major one is love. Who doesn't want to feel love right? But we do feel it. We do. On rare occasions, we can also see it, I'm not saying we don't, but that's very rare. Take the time to enjoy the next great thing that happens to you. Close your eyes, and just concentrate on that. Put all your energy into it. Let it feel you up. And just enjoy :)

Always hopeful,
Tabs <3
3/10/2011 13:28:07

Hey! only reason i'm threatening u to go is michelle is most likely making me go and i'm not going without u!!! if i have to go thro that torture so do u!! :P

3/10/2011 13:53:59

I know I know. And I will go. Just not easily. I'll dig a moat around my house with man eating flying fish and with alligators swimming throughout it first.

3/16/2011 11:28:06

You may do that but u will most likely forget to close the drawbrige anyways so all of that will be pointless :)

3/16/2011 11:37:42

You know me to well so this technically isn't a fair argument.


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