We all have them. We may deny them, but they are there. Lingering in the back of our minds like an annoying fly, buzzing around until we finally start chasing after it with a rolled up newspaper. Some of these embarrassing moments still make us want to hide under a rock and hide from all of civilization when brought up, others just make us boom out in laughter and proclaim, "Ohh I remember that! Wasn't I just a weirdo?". Yes, we were weirdos. And we are still weirdos. Putting the weirdoness aside, these tragic memories that are better forgotten are usually brought up at the wrong moments. We usually also hate sharing them. Why would you want to tell someone about  something that happened that made you want to completely change your name and move to a different country? However, sharing these awful memories usually makes it easier on yourself and helps you forget it more (or so I've heard). So, in turn to give an example, I shall share one with you.

I am not usually the type of person that gets embarrassed easily. I do weird things on accident sometimes and I accept the laughter that comes from people. No big deal. Brush it off and move on. However, in this one incident, I felt as if I just wanted to turn into a puddle of water and disappear. Never to be seen or heard from again. What caused this, might you ask? I will now tell you.

Well as opposed to not getting embarrassed often, I also don't get crushes on guys very often. Guys are guys. They are all different, just like us girls. They have mood swings, cravings, and are terrible to deal with when it's their "time of the month". Unfortunately though, I got a crush on this guy freshman year. He sat behind me in biology and he smelled like watermelons. We talked every once in a while, but I couldn't get much out of my mouth (cheesy, I know). One of my best friends, Paris, shared this same girlish crush. We giggled like little five-year-olds when we saw him, and also tried not to drool to much. One day, Paris and I are walking around the school and we begin talking about this guy whom I shall call Dasani (the water bottle is right next to me and I'm refusing to mention his name in case he reads this). There we are, gossiping up a storm about this boy! At this point we're getting really into our conversation and I say, "Oh yeah he's just adorable! His smile just gives me butterflies inside!" (don't gag just yet) and right when I say that, Dasani just pokes his head in between Paris and I. Now, I'm not sure if he heard what I said, but at that moment I felt like my stomach had turned inside out and that I was going to barf on his clean white shirt. Did I barf? Thankfully, no. I just couldn't breathe properly for the next hour. Dasani and I are now friends though, and I'm hoping he really hadn't heard what I said. If he mentions it anytime in the future, then of course I will most likely want to hide under a rock and live there forever. Paris still mentions this incident every once in a while at which time I'll give my "ha ha ha yeah good times" saying. They were good times though and I'll most likely never forget that.

Wow, I feel better already.

Try it! Tell someone about an embarrassing memory. It might even make you laugh just saying it out loud. It's just a suggestion though. Anyhow, it's about to be 12:00 AM here so I should probably hit the sack. I never actually understood that saying. Hit the sack? Why in the world would you want to hit a sack? Are sacks more comfortable than mattresses? Who knows.

Good Night,
Tabs <3

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