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I got baptized today.

It was amazing to the fullest level of amazing. The other baptism candidates and I sat in front of the entire church. We sang. We were shaking from nervousness. We were cold. We read our testimonies. We took deep breathes. We then got nervous all over again. We tried not to think about the possibility of the microhphones falling into the water while we were getting baptized and electrocuting us. Okay, maybe that one was just me. My parents and my lovely best friend Kelsey were present, and I love them to no end. May God bless them abundantly with everything wonderful in life and may He also keep them in His arms. May He also bless everyone else in this entire world, and may He let everyone feel the love that He so abundantly gives.

This is going to be a short blog, I'm incredibly tired but also happy enough to tell you guys about my day. I'm a cornocopia of surprised. Well, sometimes. And I also most likely spelled that word wrong.

Just a wonderful verse to leave you with. Good night!,
Tabs <3

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