For those of you who don't know (probably everyone), I would like to become a registered dental assistant. Maybe even further my career in becoming a dentist. Why? Simple. I love seeing peoples smiles. You can tell a lot by someones smile and I would like to help them maintain that smile. People sometimes ask me, "Don't you think you will get sick of looking into people's mouths all day?". The answer to that is yes, indeed I will. However, I will get tired with the satisfaction of knowing that I helped someone improve their dental hygiene which will make me feel all fuzzy inside.

I had a trip to the dentist today which I was rather nervous about. I'm not very fond of all the pointy and frightening tools that they stick into ones mouth. So when they called my name to come in, you can bet that I silently screamed inside. I had to get some fillings done that I procrastinated on so they got worse, and the rest is history. I walked in, sat in the rather uncomfortable green chair covered in plastic, and was greeted by my incredibly quiet dentist. Yet handsome. At one point I tried telling him he had nice hair but it just came out as, "Yyoir heere locks neace" since I can't properly speak from my whole face being numb. From hearing this, he just chuckled and shook his head. Long story short, fillings were put in, and now here I am drooling uncontrollably and waiting for my mouth to get un-numbed. 

On the bright side! It's a beautiful day out with a wonderful breeze. I would go enjoy it, but I need to tune into a movie to get prepared for the pain that is about to come in my mouth. Have a wonderful day everyone. Make sure to keep your dog on a leash. The mailman is supposed to come by soon.

Still drooling,
Tabs <3

6/13/2012 04:24:18 am

Yes, seeing pointed tools being inserted into your mouth may seem a bit unnerving, but then they are professionals, and they are very much capable of doing their job. The only pain you are going to feel is the numbing injection. A little pain now will save you from the worse pain further on. Make dental checkups a habit, and conquer your fears. Smile, because your teeth are in good hands.


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