I love being creative. It's something that I was born with. When I was little I had imaginary friends who I talked to quite a bit, I loved to paint, I was the owner of a ton of coloring books, and I even created an entire army of soldiers out of paper at one point so they could wage war. My creativity then sprouted even more throughout my school years, quite a bit in my writing area, and eventually helped me become the person I am today. Minus the pillow pets and lack of sleep.

I believe that there isn't a concrete definition for creativity. There are so many different ways that it can be expressed that the more you think about it, the more confusing it seems. Where does creativity come from? Does it stem from what we see or what we feel? Does it just rapidly come to us or does it lull in the depths of our minds for long periods of time until we're ready to act on it? It's one simple word that is just so incredibly difficult to explain. Another thing about creatvity that makes it even more confusing is that it also encompasses so many different words  when it's mentioned. In order to be creative, one has to be imaginative, determined, persistent, happy, joyful, frustrated, elated, surprised, insightful, and every other word imaginable in a short (or long) period of time. So taking into consideration all of these other words that are involved in the making of just this single word, there has to be an unlimited amount of definitions that go with them. I don't think it's even possible for one explanation to be taken into account. Isn't that just mind boggling? It's truly amazing how God created us in a way that we can actually feel emotions like this and act on them.

Of course, creativity is something that needs to be used in school also. It's like one of those mandatory things that you start with in kindergarten and just take with you from then on. In high school, I once had a history teacher who told the class that there are so many people in this world who are incredibly smart and can just know the facts right off the bat. They can calculate things and name correct answers to questions like it's no ones business. However, even though they are intellectually perfect, they sometimes aren't the ones that are sought after. It's the creative ones that people want the attention of. They are the ones that in between all the facts and calculated answers, they offer something that is outside of the box. They offer an entire new outlook and explanation to a problem that no one would have even thought of coming up with. They help create and thrive.

We all have some form of creativity hidden in between the cracks of our skin. Some show it all at once, and others are to shy to bring themselves up to it. Nonetheless, we all have it and it is truly a blessing to contain something that can literally be as simple as finding a new way to clean the house quicker before work, or coming up with an idea that can change the world. Also, we must never forget the greatest Creator of all, who made it possible for us to have this gift. Thank you Lord, for painting us and this world with your creative hand. Let's just hope that we can also paint this world in a way that honors His name. So what are you waiting for? Go be creative.

With smiles,
Tabs <3

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