These things are the biggest life saver. They are candy and an amazing type of medication rolled into one. My cold decided that it wanted to make a fierce comeback, so I'm technically living off of them until my coughing and sneezing decide to subside. When that will happen, I have absolutely no idea. Until then, my closest friends will be my humidifier and a box of tissues which I have already taken the liberty to doodle all over the box. Ah, the joys of being in bed most of the day with nothing to do.

How did you guys do with the spur of the moment task that I mentioned yesterday? Hopefully everything went well and none of you got arrested :) that would have been very bad, but it also most likely would have been worth it. My task was to go to Walmart and buy the first thing I saw (something I kind of have always wanted to do, but I was sick and didn't have very many options so give me a break). So there I was, walking through the sliding doors, tissue in hand with a stuffy nose! I was looking at the ground until I was all the way in the store, then I looked up and the first thing I saw ties. I know, not as exciting as you were probably expecting, but it really was the very first thing I saw. They were on one of those long plastic things with hooks on them, that hang on the sides of the isles. You know, those things you can never get anything off of. So I stood there for about 10 minutes fighting with this plastic thing because it wouldn't give me my hair ties. Eventually, with much effort and grumbling, it came loose. In the end, I rather think it was worth it.

Today just seems to be a wonderful day besides the fact that I'm sick. Has anyone noticed that when the sun rises on a clear morning, the sky just seems even more blue than it usually does? I watched the sunrise this morning and that's what seemed to happen. It was absolutely beautiful. The sun was barely peaking over my neighbor's trees, with a little bit of orange around it, and the sky was just a burst of bright blue. I don't think I've ever experienced a sunrise like that. It just made my whole entire day. Today is the kind of day that is just absolutely amazing because of that one little thing that happened. That one little thing that just puts a smile on your face. That one little thing that makes you say to yourself, "Maybe this life has more to it than it seems." That one little thing could even change someones life forever. No matter where we are in our lives, we should always find a way to cherish those little things. They are the things that bring substance and ambition into the things we do. Substance that we can't get from anything else, and ambition that keeps our minds healthy with thoughts of happiness. Happiness that keeps us smiling. Smiles that warm the hearts of the ones that we love. All of this, could come from that one little thing. Make each day count, and live for every moment.

Have a wonderful day!
Tabs <3

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