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I'm not one for guys. When I see a decent looking one, I acknowledge his existence and maybe take a couple more glances, then move on. Of course, I am guilty of having a couple of celebrity crushes. Leave me alone. There is, however, something referred to as "Deep Regret". Adam Young, an amazing singer and blogger, mentions this and every time I read it, it makes me think of him.

This happened about a year ago. It was about 10:00 PM and rather chilly outside. My father and I just got done playing some tennis so we stopped by Wal Mart to grab something to drink and maybe just hang out a little more. We parked the car and started making our way toward the entrance. I remember I was kicking what I think was a bottle cap (I can't remember) and I had my hands shoved into my pockets. He looked up from the ground at the same time I did. He was walking out of the store and headed in my direction. He had messy blonde hair and was just a couple inches taller than me. He had on a pair of worn out jeans and a plain white shirt. He was surrounded by his friends who seemed to be talking to him, but he was looking right at me. My dad was telling me some story but I didn't hear any of it. Suddenly he smiled and I died inside. It felt like someone just smacked me in the stomach with a bowling ball. I couldn't breathe. My knees got wobbly. My mouth went dry. I felt like I was about to faint. I attempted smiling back but it probably looked like I was choking on something. We both waked slower as we passed by each other, and suddenly one of his friends yelled, " Hey man! Hurry up!", and my dad scolded, "Why are you walking so incredibly slow? Come on, I'm thirsty." I opened my mouth to say something to him but nothing would come out. He grinned as if understanding what I was going through. I slowly started walking backwards into the store and he did the same until he reached his friends. I haven't seen him since.

I don't know what his name is. I don't where he is from. I'm not sure if he has any siblings or what his favorite color might be. He was a complete stranger but yet I know in my heart that I will never forget him. Wherever he might be, I hope he's happy. I hope he's fulfilling his dreams and painting smiles on everyone that surrounds him. I'll be praying for him. If he reads this, then I want to tell him one thing. My names Tabby.

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