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You know that moment when you hear a song on a commercial and you just love it so much that you have to listen to it again immediately? You hurriedly turn on your computer, mutter insults under your breathe as it loads slowly, and look up the lyrics. As soon as you find the title and artist, then it's off to YouTube! The moment you play it, you're in a daze from how amazing it is and automatically proceed to get it stuck in your head. That is me right now.

So far Subaru commercials have never let me down. First they came out with Powerful Stuff by Sean Hayes and now Before I knew by Basia Bulat. I am literally in love. It isn't very long but this song has stolen my heart and I really don't mind if it doesn't give it back. As soon as it comes on, a smile takes over my face and I do a little jig while singing along to it also. If it gets me into an extremely good mood, I might even twirl my finger. Oh yes. Good songs tend to get me into a very awesome mood. I would have to say that Mat Kearney and Owl City (if you haven't listened to either, then you're seriously missing out) are some of the greatest out there. Along with Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble. I find it sad that when I tell people I listen to Presley or Sinatra they look at me as if I have this huge string of snot hanging from my nose and that I like having it there. Well yes, as a matter of fact, I like my snot! And I mean that in a completely metaphorical form.

I got yelled at the other day by my best friend for not blogging anymore. I think she is the only one that even checks it on a daily basis. So let us do a couple of updates, shall we? First of all, Gnomeo and Juliet was definitely disappointing. I thought it woul be so much better. Secondly, how does one get diplomatic immunity? And if one has it, can they print their own money? Numero tres! There is a black widow lurking somewhere in my room and I think it's planning to kill me in my sleep. I am deeply afraid. Four: my first semester at college is ending in a couple of weeks and it's rather sad. Especially going to miss my English professor. Awesome guy. Of course I will never tell him that because I rarely talk in his class except to make fun of his shoes. I am really hoping he doesn't read this. That is practically all that has been going on in my ever so boring life.

Now I have a question. Well actually a couple of qestions. What's new with you? Did you have a wonderful day? And if so, why was it wonderful? Did you see the sunrise this morning? Did you take a picture of the wonderful pink and orange colors? Or was it to cloudy to even see the sunrise? Did you have a bad day? And if so, how come? If you did have a bad day, I hope smiles and laughter come you're way. Always have hope and never give up on happiness. Also, tomorrow is a brand new day. Start it with a grin and a prayer in your heart. I promise things will be okay. I also just realized that most of those sentences rhymed. See, now I'm smiling. I hope you're smiling too.

Time for me to head out. Hopefully I remember to get back on here and write every once in a while. I'll try to before Thanksgiving rush and chaos kicks in. I might even take a couple of pictures. Excited! My love goes out to you, whoever may be reading this. Be joyful. Be blessed.

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