I don't remember most of my childhood. I do know, however, that it mostly consisted of playing tackle football with every guy in the neighborhood, climbing trees, getting bruises, eating worms (not real worms silly, I mean gummy worms) or sitting in my room, immersed in some sort of book. I was a tomboy with a bad attitude and a craving for literature. Not your average munchkin, I assure you. There is one instance I remember though in my vague memory of childhood that I will most likely never forget. It included my best friend Kelsey, some chickens, and paralyzing fear all rolled into one. Here it is from our childlike point of view...

The bell rang, which could only mean one amazing thing for every kid who was already clutching his/her backpack with anitcipation. School was out. Before I could even begin to shove my things in my bag, I was being trampled by my classmates who could already taste the freedom of being released. It was as if they had been caged against their will for eternity and were finally getting a moment to go out in the open. Stupid heads, I thought to myself, you're still going to be back here tomorrow. I quietly put my addition and subtraction math homework into my bag, hating it with all of my being and also trying to conjure up some way to avoid it. My stomach growled and I realized I woudn't make it five minutes without some form of food. I needed to get home and fast.

As I walked out of class, I soon felt Kelsey by my side. We have always been two peas in a pod since kindergarten and nothing could stand between us. While we were making our way to the classroom where her mom worked, we spotted Chase, the boy who had a serious crush on Kels. Every third grader knew he liked her. I mean, he even chased her into the girls bathroom where no boy has ever ventured into. That was intense stuff. She quickly switched sides with me so she was hidden by my backpack and we half ran so he wouldn't spot us. It worked.

We got to her moms class and were about to say our farewells, before I had a beyond brilliant idea. She should come over to my house. That way we could both avoid homework and run around my neighborhood screaming with happiness at the top of our lungs. It was perfect. My mind was forming this plan at rapid speed and I knew for certain it would be full proof. I told her what I had in mind, we both ran in to ask her mom for permission, we begged and pleaded with a cherry on top, and soon enough we were on the long walk to my humble abode. We skipped and sang, not knowing the horror that awaited us.

My house is a decent size, but unlike all of our neighbors, we have a huge backyard. You could hold a soccer game at one end and a BBQ party at the other. It was amazing and my little brain absorbed it like a sponge. We also had another thing that our neighbors lacked. We owned chickens.

Kelsey and I arrived home. We immediately threw our bright pink bags into my room and made a dive for the fridge. Food was a necessity before a long afternoon ahead of nonsense, laughing, and tackling each other. While eating, I stared into my huge backyard and spotted the chickens. I realized that Kels had never been into the chicken coop before and thought, well, why not give her a tour? I've been in there a bajillion times anyway. So with full tummies and finished juice boxes, we ventured toward the coop.

The coop itself is kind of like a small shed and to the left of it, there is a little pen where the chickens go out and peck around. The pen has a moderately high fence so they won't get out. I opened the door carefully to the chicken coop and showed Kels where the chickens lay their eggs. We grabbed the remaining ones we saw and were having a pretty great time with all of this. As exciting as it was, we also wanted to visit the chickens who were out in the pen talking amongst themselves and enjoying the gorgeous day. We made our way back there and all of a sudden, the door slammed shut behind us. I quickly tried to open it back up but it wouldn't budge, the door was jammed. I slowly turned back around and I could tell something was wrong. A deadly silence took over and we soon realized all of the chickens were advancing toward us. We back up into the side of the shed and could only feel one thing: fear. I looked for an opening but it was useless, there were to many of them and they were coming toward us fast. All of a sudden, I see Kels sprint over a line of chickens and I immediately followed. We weren't out of the clear yet, the chickens were full on chasing us! Their savage beaks were right on our heels as we were screaming bloody murder, knowing there was a very small chance of getting through this without being ripped to peices. From out of nowhere, we remembered the fence and latched onto it with our tiny fingers. We clawed our way up and fell onto the other side, limbs and part of our dignity still intact. As soon as we landed, we both stared at each other, thinking the same exact thing.

We're alive.

Have an awesome day!,
Tabs <3
1/10/2012 02:34:16 am

Scariest moment ever!! I still can't believe we survived it lol Everytime we had to go into the chicken coop after that we made sure the door stayed as open as it could. Stupid evil chickens scaring us for life!!

1/10/2012 02:33:04 pm

It was a close call, but we made it. I never looked at chickens the same way as a child again.


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