Those little things can be evil.

Okay so if you do own a chihuahua, this might be a little offending. I'm not saying yours is mean or anything, but it seems like every one I run into seems to hate me. They're mean little buggers. As small as they are, they have a very menacing growl. And they can seem to chase people for a while. How do I know this little known fact? It has happened to me numerous times. 

Our neighbor has one of these little murderer's (three of them actually) which likes to chase me to and from the mailbox. He frighten's me to no end. My trip usually begins with a well thought out plan on how to avoid him. First, I scour the perimeter. I make mental notes of all the exits the spastic creature has to attack me from. From these mental notes, I can decide on where will be the safest way to go get the mail. This includes hiding behind certain garbage cans, trees, cars, or soccer balls. Secondly, I wear my running shoes. For obvious reasons. Third, I cautiously make my way out of the house. When I don't see him, I sprint my way to the mailbox, fumble nervously with the key as I frighteningly stare at my neighbors backyard, finally snatch my mail, and run for my life back to my door. Sometimes this plan works, other times it doesn't. When it doesn't, all I can hear are the screechingly loud yapping sounds, the pattering run of its little feet towards me, and my brain yelling RUN! These encounters have been getting less frequent, but they still scare me when they do happen.

On another note, I'm graduating early and this rather excites me. I can already see myself, diploma in hand, standing on my teachers desk, throwing my hands up in the air with a lot of enthusiasm, and screaming at the top of my lungs, "I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!" while balloons and confetti fall everywhere around me and then Mat Karney decides to make a musical debut as soon I eat my well deserved congrats cake. Sure, this is only my view on graduating. They might just give me my diploma and tell me to get out. What would be the fun in that though?

Tea and a great book coming into my view. I hope you all had a wonderful day and took some time to take a slow deep breathe. Calm your nerves tonight. Relax. Calm. Enjoy.

Good Night,
Tabs <3

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