California Autumn. - Live for God, Thrive in Nature, Smile with Love.
I love autumn. I love the different colors of the leaves. I love how they feel after they slowly drift away from their branches and gently land their way onto the ground. I love the feel of getting over all of the hot weather and being able to wear nice warm sweaters again. I love the smell of the cool breeze and being able to stand out in the rain for the first time in months. I love how the world feels like a painting and how beautifully God is able to create something wonderful out of nature. I love hearing the sound of dry leaves rustling through the fall breeze and I love drinking a cup of tea while curled up in a blanket. I love it all.
If you have never lived in California, I suggest you take a trip here
during autumn. Summer is nothing compared to how beautiful everything looks this time of year. Typically autumn here consists of clear skies, freezing cold days (with spontaneous busts of rain), and the most beautiful crispy leafy trees known to mankind. Well, as far as I've seen anyway. I don't get out much. Anyway, ignoring my non-existent life, there is something about autumn here that just changes my mood completely. There is also the Apple Hill advantage of living here which should be at the top of your California-to-do lists if you actually do listen to me and plan a visit here in the fall. Of course, I would suggest going earlier in the morning when there are less people but also go when there is some sort of festival going on. You will not regret it. Warm apple pie and kettle corn as far as the eye can see! You can get your face painted, catch a couple fish at the pound (expensive but worth it), take a pony ride, get lost in the corn maze, and raid their ever so wonderful market. That place is the definition of love. It's love with even more love added in just to make it even more amazing.

Now that I've already started planning your vacation for next fall (winter is about to hit and Apple Hill is already closed, depressing I know), you can thank me and leave a red velvet cupcake on the doorstep. I kid. Although that would be pretty darn nice.

On the other side of things, I'm not sure I happened to mention I've been sick for more than three weeks. I have the immune system of a cricket and it seems to be getting smaller as the days keep passing and more leaves keep falling. I had Bronchitis and it has now turned into a sinus infection that really just does not want to go away. Prolonging my doctors visit. I am not a huge fan of antibiotics so I'll try large amounts of home remedies. If any of you have suggestions, I would be incredibly grateful. I'll be even more grateful if they actually happen to work. There will be a lot of gratefulness going on. Also, do you know how autumn tends to usually begin in October? I found a little poem to share with you all as a final though. Have a gorgeous night.

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came -
The Chestnuts, Oaks,  and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And  everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the  band.
~ George Cooper

Take your Vitamin Gummies,
Tabs <3

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