to the fullest level. This is also where I add my apologies for not blogging in ages, and the fact that I am sick. Again. Not really surprising to me since my immune system sucks and I'm going to die from a cold one of these days. It's as if the pain from my wisdom tooth growing in decided to move to the back of my throat, in my chest, and up my nose to create a monster sickness that I have been suffering from since Thursday. I am way behind on homework and half asleep at the moment since we ran out of DayQuil, so of course NyQuil decides to come into play. I was so out of it yesterday that I watched about 4 hours of Spongebob yesterday without even realizing it (I was also repeating their lines as the show was going). I also watched the Food Network channel from about 6:00 AM to about 11:00 AM. That is also very sad and pathetic. My large amounts of patheticness and sadness are very saddening to the human mind.

How has everyone's week been going? Please tell me "Tabby, my week has been good. No, not good, great!" No more sickness stories or broken down coffee machines! Well, actually those are the most interesting stories. So then tell me about your bad week? Or good week for that matter? One interesting thing that happened with me is that we "adopted" a stray cat. I named it Foofy and we're planning to get married soon. I was thinking the Bahamas for the honeymoon. Of course, I'm kidding. She is the cutest little fluffy animal and I keep calling her Fatty without even realizing it, even though she is incredibly skinny. And the reason why I said adopted in quotes is because she is a stray, my family found her while fishing the other day and I was at home absorbed in my Spongebob episodes. I'll try to get a picture of her soon and post it up. Now, your turn. Anything interesting happen this week?

Overcast weather :) it has me smiling like a moron and singing like an idiot. However, the more clouds that come, the louder I sing and the bigger that my smile gets. "I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it!"

*cough sneeze cough* Ciao and Sweet Dreams Sweeties,
Tabs <3

10/4/2010 10:09:42 am

Sorry I haven't replied in forever. I hope you get better!
PMA!!! (Positive Mental Attitude). It helps, really. "Oh, its just a 24 hour cold, I'll be better tomorrow..." and all that good stuff. :)
Aw! I love love love kitties! I've got a 10 year old one named Nikita... and she is fat... oh well.
Anything interesting... well, I'm going to visit U of I over my 4 day weekend this week. I'm pretty excited. I hope they have the classes I want to take, well, they probably will. Anyway, that's pretty much it aside from the usual hectic schedule of life.
I must agree with you, overcast weather is splendiferous!Especially when it's a crisp and cool autumn day outside with a hint of rain.

Have a splendiferous day!
Lauren =^_^=

10/4/2010 10:56:47 am

No, worries and thank you :) positive attitude doesn't go well with me when I'm sick. I feel like stabbing everything, it gives me that really stabby mood. That stabby mood stays with me until I get better unfortuantely, but I will get better. I have quite a few pets, which have mostly adapted to my nice behavior to them so I've gotten on their good side. Really? Have fun! I hope it goes great, and have some fun over there too. Take a picture, write a story. Yes, storms are headed our way for part of this week, excited to the fullest level of excitement!

Have a wonderful everning <3

10/4/2010 01:02:03 pm

Awesomeness. Yeah, being sick sucks... a lot. Luckily, my immune system is fairly good and I rarely get sick... but when I do... oh boy.
I love pets very much, I had 2 dogs, both gone now, and now I have a 2 year old puppy. Oh boy... and my cat, well, she's her own cat and will eat you if she feels so inclined. But I love her. :)
I'm pretty excited. I got to sign up for 2 classes to take. they didn't have any writing classes, but I took an Archeology with Forensic Science class and a Still Life Drawing class. It should be fun and I'll try to click some pics and maybe write about it too. I like that idea. "A Senior's Glimpse at College Life" or something. Thanks for the idea!
Have fun in the storms! :)


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