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Yesterday was July 30. Many historical things happened on that day. Baghdad was founded, Vanuatu gained independence, and Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance. So many important things that it will make your head explode. Well, maybe not explode but it will make you go into shock. Okay, maybe not that either. The point is, it was an awesome day that should be commemorated for many different things. Another one was my birthday.

I don't usually make a big deal out of my birthday, even though everyone else around me does. Not very fond of presents (people have better things to spend their money on) or balloons (they scare me in the middle of the night when I see them floating around my room). Going out to eat with a group of friends and thanking God for the fact that He has helped me throughout these years is usually what I do. Sure I do believe it is a rather important event (it's not everyday that you get to celebrate when your popped out into the world all slimy and confused) but I just don't go all out. I spent the day at the mall with my dad who bought me large amounts of sugary goods and we giggled as we avoided those pesky sales people trying to spray you with their toxic goods. Nonetheless, the day passed by very quickly and painlessly. It didn't even feel like a birthday.

Here I am, eighteen years of age, and it seems like only yesterday I was a little girl being dared by my neighbor to eat a worm. Those were the good days. However, I am starting college in about a month and am driving like there is no tomorrow. Yes, I finally summoned up the courage to drive. I took one driving lesson with a guy named Joe whom I very much like. He was a fluffier version of me in male form. He said I was a natural so a couple more weeks of driving and then off to get my license. I've grown up so fast! I feel some tears coming on. 

Time for me to go and barf from this iced tea I'm drinking. It has the most horrible after taste known to mankind but I really can't stop myself from drinking it. It looks so incredibly appetizing but it's a trick. Don't trust really cheap tea. 

Maybe just one more drink,
Tabs <3   

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