sucks really bad. A lot of things happened in these past couple of days, including going to Washington (I got back yesterday) and me getting the stomach flu. How did I get it? I have no idea, but I can barely get out of bed and the site of food makes me want to runaway. But of course I can't runaway because my legs are too weak and I would most likely barf, which I am trying so hard to avoid. 

What can I say about Washington...well, the weather was amazing. And I mean AMAZING. Gosh. I could have lived outside. It was like spring time in California, the perfect weather. I stupidly forgot my camera at home since we were in such a rush to leave that morning, so I have no pictures to share with you guys. My cousins wedding was incredible (it better have been, since I became half wedding planner as soon as I got up there), and this bride do i say it nicely....emotional? I mean the day before the wedding was insane. A lot of barfing (from the bride) hugs (from me) yelling (also from the bride) and crying (from the groom). I felt like I was living in a soap opera for 3 days. But what's a wedding without a little chaos?

I am now going to collapse on the couch and most likely not move for a couple of hours, my stomach isn't happy with me typing so much. Have a lovely afternoon (:

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