We all know it quite well. You call your insurance company or in my case at the moment, the doctor's office, and you get this..

"Hello my name is Margie, please hold!"

Then before you even have time to begin to say a word, the elevator music comes on. You sigh, but accept defeat for now. It's pretty soothing at first and it even has you swaying a little to the rhythm. Then the song ends and it changes to some western music so your somewhat confused about the change of pace in the beats. Time passes (about 20 minutes to be exact) and you start drumming your fingers impatiently on your desk. You wonder if Margie has forgotten about you but then you think to yourself, "I'll wait just 5 more minutes." Another 10 minutes pass and you start getting really impatient. You chew on your fingernails,  start pacing back and forth,  running your fingers violently through your hair, muttering to yourself, and then finally Margie comes back on the line. You're relieved, but still pretty peeved that she kept you on hold for 30 minutes. You tell her your problem, and then she says..

"I'll connect you with our other department so you will be served more efficiently, please hold!"

You start screaming and frantically waving around your hands as if she can see you, but Margie has already done her deed. She has put you on hold. Again. You start making a list of threats in your head against this woman, and debating on whether or not to start a international protest against holding calls, but you realize it wouldn't be worth it. So, after much anxiety, you sit there and wait.

I'm really hoping hoping that I am not the only one who has endured this. It is the most frustrating and irritating event ever. I feel like slamming my phone against the table repeatedly, but then my phone would be broken and I'd probably still be put on hold. Yes, I am sort of venting and I apologize. This is just absolutely unbelievable and not the proper way to run a company by putting their customers on hold for this long. It's also not a great start to a morning. I hope you all are having a way better day than I am. If you aren't, here's a little something to cheer you up.

"Trials are medicines in which our gracious and wise Physician prescribes because we need them; and he proportions the frequency and weight of them to what the case requires. Let us trust his skill and thank him for his prescription."
- Isaac Newton

Great words from a great man. Let us follow them wisely and know that God is in control and will never give us more than we can handle. He will help us through every trial and suffering that we go through, as long as we believe and have faith in him. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Eat some ice cream for me, and go dance in the rain with your shoes off.

Still on hold,
Tabs <3

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