Apparently America's pastime, the birth of real nachos and the original belch. Where code words are used to talk to team mates, and where hitting a ball over a fence is a good thing. I have never understood it. Not once. For me, the whole point of the entire ordeal is to hit this round ball that has stitches in it, to a place in the field where there is no one. Then run over three strategically placed pillows called "bases", and to make it back where you started. Everyone cheers when the tall older guy with a face mask on yells "SAFE!" and everyone yells disappointing calls when face mask man yells "OUT!". There are a lot of other things that confuse me also. Like the little feather duster thing that the face mask man has when he dusts off the home plate. I'm wondering what that is called. And seriously, does every one of those guys chew gum? It's irritating to no end. So many questions are running through my mind. However, as many questions as I do have, I still enjoyed the game I attended today. The sport is actually pretty fun to watch. Confusing, yet enjoyable. 


I plan on using my newly learned baseball lingo in my daily conversations now. The next time I see someone flip a pancake and make it land perfectly on the pan, I'll repeatedly say, "good eye good eye!". Or if I see someone upset, I'll tell them, "turn a new page". Ahh, yes. Wise words of encouragement. You can learn a lot of things from watching a sport you know absolutely nothing about. You can also have a lot of questions swirling through your brain. Which is me at the moment. That will of course, pass. 

All in all, today was a pretty spiffy day. It was also pretty amazing outside. Thank you Lord! I heard the birds chirping. I saw a squirrel running through a tree. I accidently crashed into a closed door. Yes, today was a memorable day. I hope you all had a pretty awesome day also. Without the crashing into a closed door part or course. That wouldn't be good, it actually didn't feel to fantastic. 

Emailed my doctor about my stomach pains and how bad they are, her reply to them was, "Awww I'm sorry sweetie. Take some Tylenol." I feel like punching my computer but I know that won't solve anything and my stomach pains will still be here. Blah. I'm not very fond of doctors. But that will be a whole different blog that I will write about. Time to go take some Tylenol and drink my heart out in Gatorade. 

Don't forget to brush your teeth,
Tabs <3

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