Is it possible to completely fall in love with Autumn even more as the years pass? I swear that the trees look even more amazing than they ever have before. They are literally every amazing color imgainable, and paint every street with their fantastic leaves. I love it! I'm pretty sure that everytime my mom and I are driving somewhere, these fabulous leaves are usually brought up somewhere in out daily conversation. When Summer comes along, it's pretty bad in California. Well, at least for us it is. You can't even manage to go outside for a couple of minutes without breaking into a sweat. However, all of the other seasons make up for it, especially the transition for Summer to Fall. I am completely in love with God's handiwork.

Also, we have been recieving rain! YES! I'm pretty sure every flower and tree around here is glorifying God's name (they probably do that all the time though) because of this wet Autumn. We humans are too. It is awesome to the extreme. I'm pretty sure the first time it rained, everyone just went outside to feel that cold water splash on them and hit the cement. So great. And now, we are even getting more rain for the coming week. I'm excited and honestly, which is a little surprising, am not dreading the drive to school through it. I can't believe I just typed that, but it's true! Getting out of my car and walking to my class in the rain is a completely different story. Oh man, changing subjects.

My dad is getting eye surgery next week. We are all (meaning my mom and I, my brother seems to be indifferent) are completely worried. We have heard all of these horror stories about people have lost their eyesight completely from laser eye surgery, and it's as if we already are seeing him blind. I've just been praying constantly but my mom is in full freak out mode. When I tell her everything will be okay, she calms down for a moment and says, "Yes, you're right. He won't listen to us anyway if we tell him not to do it so we'll just pray for him." Moments later: "BUT WHAT IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG?! I can't believe he's going through with this!" My past few days in a nut shell. You guys, keep my papa bear in your prayers. I have faith that God will be with him but we need all the support.

By the way, have any of you seen Anne of Green Gables? Oh man. I can absolutely say it is one of my favorites. Most of you probably recognize the title or read the book, but man the movie is great. It's one of those old fashioned type of films that just makes you smile. After you see it, everytime you think about carrots you'll start giggling.

Alright time to speed on away. Cinnamon rolls are in the oven and I have a feeling they are going to turn out awesome.