Yes, a sad face is necessary. One of my wisdom teeth is growing in and my mouth has never been in this much pain. The whole back right side of my mouth feels swollen, and it hurts to eat anything. Even talking hurts. Typing doesn't hurt though so I think I'll be fine on that part. Maybe. Just in a terrible mood due to the large amounts of pain.


My weekend went okay. Pretty boring but in a relaxing sort of way, so it was actually kind of fun. I finished my homework in about an hour so it just felt amazing to just kick back.

Out of tea. Man, can this day possibly get any worse? The lunch bell is going to ring any minute. Please have a wonderful day for me, I really need it. Ouucchh.

Tabs <3

They help you drown out the realities of everyday life by using the technique of relaxation and laziness. Two days of nothingness tends to help you get back on track with the rest of the week, by either a slower manner or awake and back up to beat. However, on the weekends your just that perfect person. You tend to be more laid back and in tune with the rest of the world around you. You tend to see things at a different point of view since, well, you actually have time to SEE things for two days. Even for those who work on weekends, people usually get Sundays off. And aren't those Sundays just amazing? Just imagine working seven days a week, with only your usual amount of hours and breaks. You would go completely insane. These two (or one) days off, help you relieve all that stress that you've been holding in from that co-worker that you really hate or that coffee machine that just decided to break down in the middle of your shift. Take a long deep breathe. Your free for the weekend.

My weekend is going okay. Fell asleep last night watching a series of Charlie Chaplin shows that I was supposed to watch today, but they kept taunting me by just sitting on my desk and staring at me. They were just asking me to watch them. So I did. However, no movies to watch now. Can anyone think of any great old movies? I'm craving them right now very badly. I'd be extremely thankful :)

Going to make some tea and try to dig up some movies that I haven't seen in a while. I'm thinking Paulie and The Little Rascals. Classics. Either that or go on a cleaning spree. Whichever decides to come first. Have a wonderful stress free no broken down coffee machine and annoying co-worker day weekend!

Tabs <3


is amazing. Just the fruitiness of having it blended together in a smooth frozen drink. It's even better than a smoothie. There is no way to describe them precisely. However, they are not when they're completely frozen solid. I paid $2.50 at lunch for a frozen mango drink. So I had to eat it like ice cream, which was a new experience for me. Next time you have Jamba Juice, freeze a little bit and try it. It really different. Not only due to the fact that it is frozen. It's like....being put on a new planet and discovering that they also eat McDonald's and like cotton candy. That kind of different. I'm not sure if that makes any sense at the moment. Just think about it a lot and it will start coming together more.

School is the same, dull and time seems to be going even slower than usual. Extremely glad today is Friday though :) tomorrow is Saturday, my extreme day of laziness and my catching up on movies. It's either going to be comedies or black and white Charlie Chaplin shows. Both of them sound amazing. Maybe a mixture of both? Who knows. Depends on how the weather is (me and hot weather don't mix very well as you have hopefully seen). Yes, the weather also affects me on what movies I'm going to watch. Weird, I know. But I technically like being weird.

Saw a single cloud stranded in the middle of the bright blue sky today. It made me kind of feel sorry for it. Maybe it likes being stranded though. Just maybe, it likes being alone. So why feel sorry for a cloud? I'm not to sure, but I do.

Have a great day,
Tabs <3

has taken over me at the moment. No food for lunch and had a terrible breakfast, so my stomache is terribly sad :( i can actually hear it crying. I am craving every type of fast food known to mankind at the moment, that's how bad it is. Even though I have quit eating fast food since tennis season is starting pretty soon, it's incredibly sad. Booo.

It's a pretty day, could be better though. What makes it even better is that I just ate! Man, do I love my best friend! She is absolutely amazing. Even though I am still hungry.

Autumn weather hasn't hit yet, and it's pretty much driving me insane. I expect the weather to show up right when it turns fall, even though I know it isn't always going to happen that way. Which isn't fair but hey, I don't control the weather. Pudge does that (reference from Lilo and Stitch, for those of you who have absolutely no idea what I am talking about).

I saw a beautiful flower when I left for school this morning. It was purple, and the only one that was fully bloomed anymore in our garden. I smelled it, and its aroma made me feel as if I was floating on a cloud. Do you think that is possible? I wish it was. Maybe it even is. Who knows. Many of you might have some scientific explanation as to why it is wrong, but I actually really don't want to hear it. Don't prove me wrong this one time, and let me stay wondering in my impossible thoughts. Making things impossible possible, truly makes my day. And the fact that I have food in my stomache :) have a fantastic day and a lovely afternoon. Cheer someone up today. Share some food, lend a dollar, wash a car (just make sure to get paid for it), and most of all, give someone a smile. One smile, can change someones life completely.

It rained on Sunday! I am still extremely excited even though we are already 3 days into the week. Today is the first day of the Autumn, and it's as if I can already see the leaves changing colors. It is completely amazing. Don't you agree? All that is left is pumpkin pie to come in and the overcast skies :)

I am at school right now, where the internet comes in an abundance and eighth graders think they are top notch since they're around seniors (which isn't true whatsoever). No internet at home still, unfortunately, because my laptop is still hating me. I think it's planning to kill me one of these days, along with our new washing machine. We barely got that thing to work. Apparently the water only comes out when the lid is closed, did you know that? I didn't. It was a very interesting discovery that took a lot of thinking and poking at every button that was on it. Ah, the highlight of our lives.

Hoping it will rain soon? Again? Maybe? I'm not to sure what is in store for the rest of the week, but today isn't very promising. I feel like just disappearing into a crowd of people, I doubt anyone will notice. I like being alone anyway, it gives me more time to think. Communicating takes to much effort, with the moving of the mouth and all that stuff. Why not just write it down? It is so much easier. Unless you don't like writing, then you can type it. Although, I don't think everyone carries a computer around with them to do that.

It's an absolutely gorgeous day! I wish I could fly. Just to feel that cool breeze on my face, and see the clouds rush by me. I don't want to take Superman's title though ;) so I think gravity will work just fine for now. "I've been beaten down, I've been kicked around, but she takes it all for me...and I lost my faith in my darkest days, but she makes me want to believe. They call her love love love love love.." Beautiful words from a beautiful song.

Tabs <3

plays a major part of my life. Cold, rainy, cloudy, gloominess, just makes me extremely happy. I couldn't ask for anything more. Hot, sweaty, sticky weather just makes me want to stab myself in the eye repeatedly with a pencil (that's seriously how hot weather makes me feel, terribly right?). Today was probably the most perfect day. It was partly cloudy skies with a slight breeze that makes you just want to jump for joy. Unfortunately, due to large amounts of homework, I was only able to enjoy little parts of it. It was still all worth it :)

I miss rambling on and on. Honestly, I do. I've been itching to get on a computer. Well not literally itching since that would be pretty creepy and odd, but i'm hopefully back. Well, somewhat back. Am i really back? Who knows. I miss you guys. Whoever you guys are.

Time to get back to history. "Baby, baby blue eyes, stay with me by my side, til the morning through the night..."

Tabs <3

sucks. Not being able to blog sucks. School sucks. Everything sucks. Bleh.

Okay...well not everything.

If i'm not replying to your blog comments, I apologize. It's not that I don't like you, I like everyone. Well most people at least. 

Homework to get too. Bye? Hopefully not for long?

Tabs <3
hates me. Due to the fact that it mysteriously stopped working on my laptop and can't get it to work again for some odd reason, I am resulting to my parents computer. Which I am finally able to get on since they take it over all day, and will barely let me get on it. I think random objects are just beginning to hate me more and more as the days pass by. And also dogs too. The little chihuahua next door just decided to chase me home today when I went to get the mail. And the sad thing is, that I ran from it. I thought it was going to eat me.

My three day weekend is going pretty good so far. Nothing interesting to report other than that we got a new washing machine which they delivered with a bunch of parts missing, so we're getting a replacement washing machine for our new washing machine. Does that even make sense? It most likely does, but in a more confusing way that you'd rather not try to explain. 

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend (being kicked off the computer). Smell a rose for me, they look wonderful this time of year. Remember, always smile at the camera darlings. You don't want the aspect of sadness to ruin your wonderful features, do you?

Tabs <3

not sure if I can make it through all of my homework. Studying should be considered a major form of death, and I can be used as an example. I completely fell asleep on my government book last night, but my alarm went off about 5 times this morning and my parents even banged repeatedly on my door, and I didn't hear them. They had to unlock my door and shake me awake since I was so asleep. World War III could have started and I would've slept through the whole thing, then woken up and wondered why there are so many people dead and why the sky is so dark with smoke. Most likely I'll be falling asleep around 9 tonight, which actually sounds fantastic.

Thanks to the fact that I am now stage manager of the Drama Club, vice president of Asian Club, involved in Royalty Club, and doing video for Yearbook, some days I barely get home until about 5:00. Such as today for instance. There was auditioning for the fall play in drama, lots of people showed up and so I stayed to help (having two of my best friends being president of Drama and Asian club makes it hard for me to say no). Everyone got to audition at least once and the play is called "30 Reasons Not To Join A Play." Ironic? Yes, I would say so but it's pretty funny so I can't really make any bad comments on it. However, I always seem to be exhausted when I arrive home. Blah.

But it's the good kind of blah though since your getting exhausted with your friends. If you were to be getting exhausted with random strangers then it wouldn't be very much fun and it would also be kind of weird. With friends though, you can always be yourself and even look tired around them. They would most likely try and get you even more tired, even from what may be a lot of ridiculous protests coming from you.

It feels like I'm getting sick. Oh boy. This isn't good. 

Tabs <3

And what do you know? I'm still studying for my AP Government test later. I'm more like asleep with my eyes open and reading notes. Taking about a two minute break to regain consciousness and see if I can remember why I switched into that class....no, I'm not sure I can remember. May brain is yelling overload and my body is saying sleep, yet I'm not listening to either of them. Wonderful breeze coming in from the window though. That is most likely the only thing that is keeping me awake. Wish me luck?

Sleep Well World,
Tabs <3