Weebly has unfortunately made some changes. Apparently they've gone all fancy shmancy so I'm trying to figure things out all over again. My laptop is having internet connection issues so I'm bombarding my parents computer. I'm waiting to be called to help with some BBQing that's going on and am also wondering how to sell my old math book online since I'm done with it. Any takers? No? I thought so. This post might be a little short. 

Speaking of short, this life is particularly very short. Practically as short as your pinky nail. In this regard, if your pinky nail is unusually long, then it's as short as your attention span towards someone telling you a story about their grocery shopping trip. That's how short it is. Isn't that just insane? I keep seeing all these kids and teens posting stuff that says you need to take advantage of every moment (that is true) and be crazy (that is NOT true). If people ran around being crazy everyday, this world would be much more chaotic than it already is. All of this "YOLO" business is making me feel like punching something, and I'm not usually a violent person. Yes, you only live once. But! And it's a big but. You need to take care of the way you live it. 

Here's the part where you contemplate what I just said. And here, I'll say it again: take care of the way you live your life.

We need to be able to live with the intent of being able to live another day. We need to be able to wake up each morning and automatically say out loud, "Lord, thank you so much for helping me wake up again!" instead of "Man, I can't remember anything that happened yesterday." What we say and what we do represents us. So please, live your lives carefully. Live it for God. Live it with the Bible in your heart. Take care of yourself and have fun at the same time. Live with good intentions.

I hope you guys heed my words and also have a wonderful day! Time to go munch and smile the afternoon away.

Tabs <3

My first year of college is OVER! Albeit I didn't take very many classes due to the crushing amount of new people whom, if I do say so myself, have no idea how to park, but I finished. I passed my Nutrition class with an A and only by the grace of God was I able to get a B in my Psychology class. I was literally ready to cry and laugh with happiness at the same time when I saw my final grades. I intend to dump all of that work from both classes into the trash. Possibly even burn it and run it through a paper shredder but that's still debateable.

Alright so college is over for now. It's about 95 degrees outside. The neighbors kids are swimming in mini plastic pools with water wings. I've already scorched the bottom of my feet from walking barefoot on hot cement. The ice cream man is raging down our streets at full speed. The Sandlot will be watched repeatedly and soon people will start quoting to one another "You're killing me Smalls!" Do you know what all of this means? That's right! Wait, no. You're wrong. Guess again. What? No. French fries have nothing whatsoever to do with this. My goodness. Alright, well maybe they do a little bit. Okay I'll tell you. Summer is here.

I'm pretty sure every school kid in America is joyous over this, even the ones who work. You get to take a few deep breathes, realize that you have a couple of months off to recharge your batteries, and then soak in swimming pool for hours on end. Throw in some BBQ in that picture and you have yourself a deal. It's one of those tims of the year where kids can just relax.

Don't get me wrong, summer is nice. But I already miss the 70 degree wonderful stuff. That's probably due to the fact that we haven't had much rain or cold  weather in the first place. We've had a couple of storms, but nothing like previous years. We're actually short on water and on coldness. I like wearing a light coat and walking around through the crisp air. Just the thought of peeling off clothes in the blazing heat just to cool off isn't fun, especially when you're still hot after all of that. Not everyone owns a pool and for some people, including me, the closest you're going to come to swimming is sitting on your sprinkler. Gas costs high money these days so heading to the lake is more costly. This summer is going to be one mostly spent at home, in the AC, watching reruns of Say Yes to the Dress, and praying for a sudden $2.00 drop in gas prices.

For everyone else that's going travelling and having some fun in the sun, smile a ton for me also! Build a sand castle and get sun burnt. Really sun burnt. Splash in the water like a little 5-year-old and swing into a river off of a rope swing. Ride a roller coaster (just don't puke). Eat a 12-inch corndog. But of course, most of all, never let God escape your thoughts. Take Him everywhere you go because He is your light and the love that shines through you. Look to Him for every single decision. Have fun, but have fun in a way that pleases God.

On that note, I'll let you all enjoy the rest of this wonderful day. God bless you all! Wear your sunglasses outside and don't forget to put on sunscreen.

Tabs <3