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6/22/2011 18:25:46


I always like remembering things from back-in-the-day when it was summertime. They always seemed to be so much better when I was 5-years-old with bruises everywhere from playing sports and falling, from chasing each other up trees, and screaming at the top of our lungs. I could run for miles without getting tired and I would get dirty within two minutes of being outside. We chewed on ice and sprayed each other with hoses until we were soaked to the bone. I remember chasing down the ice cream man and buying all of his Airheads with the money I got from mowing everyone's lawns. We never wore sandals and we laughed until our stomachs felt like they were going to burst. Yes, those were definitely awesome summers. 

Summer is the time of year where you show off how much working out has paid off and is filled with the clacking sound of flip flops. Summer romances, summer jobs, and summer fun. That's what it's all about. You work all day and spend your night at the lake with friends. Fun is probably the main word that is included in summer. The majority of us have done some growing up though so we just continue with our day-to-day lives with the same attitude. I don't know about you, but that sounds rather boring. And it is, which is the sad part. 

My main point to this: have fun! I've been seeing a bunch of people lately that have been stressed to no end and with just continuous worry lines. I know, I'm one of them. Times definitely aren't how they used to be and we're all going through some rough patches. However, just try and let go of the worries for just one day each week and smile. Giggle until your heart bursts and soak up this amazing sun. Summer only comes once a year and that swimming pool is just calling your name. Call over a bunch of friends and have a BBQ, play some basketball, do some arts an crafts, whatever that heart of yours desires! Do something you love and just have fun doing it. Get a tan! Buy a surf board that you will most likely never use! Go on the biggest slide at the water park and scream as loud as you can! Just have some summer fun. 

I plan to finish up some college stuff and planning a trip to the lake next week and then possibly Six Flags. Sweet. Moments like those just make me wish it could be summer forever. However, it can't so we need to cherish these moments. I might also make some pizza, but I'm afraid to turn on the oven. 

Those snow cones look amazing,
Tabs <3


6/21/2011 21:52:51


I don't know if I'm the only one that's unable to do this very well, but speaking isn't my strongest trait. When I'm nervous, I tend to over-talk and sometimes I don't even talk at all.  Speaking is a very large part of our lives. It's our way of communicating with the other people around us. It lets people know more about us and it creates a big impact on who they see us to be.

There is a saying that I hear people quote constantly and I know you've heard it. I can hear you saying it out loud already. It's "Actions speak louder than words". This saying can be translated in so many different ways that it actually confuses me to no end. Actions indeed speak very loudly. The things we see people do on a daily basis astounds us. Well, it definitely astounds me at least. We all have different character traits which is why we are astounded when we someone doing something that we aren't usually accustomed too. People do things that upset us, irritate us, and downright just make us mad. Why? We don't like their actions. However, to the person that's committing the action, it seems like the right thing to do. They don't know they are making us mad. Well, actually they might but that isn't the point here. We are just the one that's interpreting their actions as something bad. The next time you see someone doing something that gets on your last nerves, try and be more understanding. We could use some more understanding people in this world.

The last part of the saying is "words". Wow. I'm using words right now. There are tons of words in the English language and in every language for that matter. I don't know how many exactly and I don't think no one ever will, that's how many there are. So why compare our actions to something so vast as something as "words"? I think that's the part that confuses me the most in the statement. We can speak both through our actions and our words, but words can be just as hurtful as our actions. Words can also be spoken in different tones which can also make them much harsher than they seem to be. Here is an example. Say someone just comes up to you and pushes you. I know I would get upset and a little confused as to why I was pushed. However, if that person were to threaten me with mean words instead of pushing me, I would probably get just as upset. Actually maybe even more upset. Especially if they came from someone that I really care about. See? That statement is just a complete and total fail to me. That's just my opinion though.

In conclusion, I would like you all to watch your actions and your words very carefully. Both of them can have a very large impact on one's life. It could be your life or the lives the people who surround you. You might hurt someone without realizing it, but then you can also put a smile on someone's face and make their day. Which do you prefer out of those two? I pick the second one. Definitely. We were all meant to smile and shine our happiness throughout this world like a flashlight with a battery that never runs out. Spread as much good as you can to everyone around you through both actions and words. Just smiling by itself is a huge actions. Did you know smiling is consistent with eating two thousand chocolate bars? I don't care who you are and whether or not you like chocolate, but that's a lot of happiness going on right there! 

Spread the smiles!,
Tabs <3 :)

I'm Alive!

6/21/2011 00:00:01


First of all, I'm alright. No visible bruising from wrangling with the oven earlier and I am thankfully still alive. I do have a couple of minor burns but they will subside by tomorrow morning. So here is what happened. Earlier today I got a major craving for biscuits. I have no idea why and I don't intend to question it. So there I am in my kitchen, oven mitt on and whistling away with a tray of unbaked biscuits in hand! I preheat the oven and shove the biscuits in. About 2 minutes later I smell something burning. I automatically jump up and rush to the oven at lightning speed. I open the oven and large amounts of smoke comes rushing out. I indeed let out an incredibly high pitched scream, threw the tray of biscuits out of the oven, and opened every window in the house. After the smoke went away and the oven was cooled off, I proceeded to clean it with my mom. We went through this process three times. Oven was turned on, smoke was released, screaming/coughing, and then cleaning it. This did not help at all. The oven is still freaking out and it took about two hours to make a batch of biscuits that are supposed to cook in eight minutes. All in all, a pretty interesting day.

My last post literally said it all on the updating part. Which is actually pretty sad since that means nothing else is going on in my life which also leads to the unalterable fact that I'm as boring as ever. Excitement really isn't my best trait and I'm actually pretty used to it.

How are you all though? How is this wonderful yet incredibly crazy world treating you? What have you done lately? Have you made any dreams come true? Have you wished upon a star? Did you tell that person you like them yet? I mean you have to tell them soon, it's only a matter of time before they find out. Have you been swimming yet? What's that new house you moved into like? Are you neighbors fabulous? Did you get any new pets? Did you do anything daring or adventurous? If so, what was it? Did you take any pictures? Were you scared? Excited? Did you tinkle your pants? No need to answer that question. Are you going on vacation soon? Where too? The beach? Europe? 

Whenever I think about all the questions that are running through my mind and all the questions that I want to ask, I find it astounding how much I haven't done. I wish I could do more, I really do. However, I love hearing other people's stories also. I love hearing where people travel, what they've done and accomplished in their lived, and how what it took to achieve all of these things. So please, feel free to share with me. If not, then I will still give you a round of applause to all of the adventures you have been in. They were probably absolutely amazing and I wish I could go on them too.

It's almost 12:00 AM and my best friend an I are planning to fry an egg on the sidewalk tomorrow so it's going to be a pretty big day. I need to build up some strength for that with sleep and some lemonade. I hope you all have a wonderful night and not burn your house down with your oven.

Good Night,
Tabs <3


6/20/2011 13:56:12


Just wanted to do a quick blog, and I really do mean quick because I am beginning to smell some form of smoke coming from the kitchen that I had thought died down about an hour ago. Note to self: never turn on an oven without having someone nearby ever again. 

UPDATE! College is starting in August, signed up for the baptism at church which I believe is also coming in August (I think, not to sure though) and I can't find my sunglasses at the moment. Everything is just completely hectic. I don't remember summer vacation being like this. Shouldn't I be at a water park somewhere waiting in line to get on a huge slide? Or at the beach soaking up the sun? Or getting sunburnt? I would take any form of relaxation at the moment. 

The burning smell seems to be getting stronger. I'm beginning to get nervous.

California is having incredibly hot weather so we're all slowly melting. The only thing that seems to be keeping us alive is our AC and a freezer stocked up with ice cream. Which reminds me that I really need to start running soon. I hope you are all doing absolutely wonderful and are thanking God for all the blessings that you have in your lives! He is truly amazing in every way possible. 

My laptops battery light is flashing red at me repeatedly, telling me it's dying and the smoke smell is getting pretty bad. Panic time. I'll try and do a proper blog later letting you guys know I'm still alive.



6/4/2011 00:03:13


The big topic that seems to be going on right now is the fact it's graduation time. Whether your in elementary school or graduating from high school, it's always a big deal. It means that you're moving one big step forward in your life, and that there are big changes ahead, whether you like it or not. It's scary and confusing along with large amounts of frustration thrown in. At least if your graduating from elementary school or middle school, there's a large chance that you'll still be going to the same school as your old friends. Even if you don't, sports will usually reunite you and maybe even bumping into someone at the store. High school, on the other hand, high school is much different.

High school seems to be the last part of your life where you get to really have fun before you need to grow up. Actually, it's where you actually grow up. High school is where you learn that being cool doesn't always mean you have to be on the football team and that you can shove freshman into garbage cans. I find it pretty sad that people still do that and I'm glad I avoided such garbage dunking on my first year. The growing up process seems to go like this...

Freshman year: You're new to high school. You are somewhat timid but incredibly excited to be apart of the "big league". You know a few people, but that's because they went to middle school with you. However, by the time half of the year goes by, your ego gets incredibly large and you feel as if you are on top of the world. Nothing can stop you (even thought your small in size). Your rather annoying to the upper class students because of your extreme amounts of hyperness and the fact that you are all over the place. You don't feel like listening to anyone that tries to tell you that you need to grow up because you still feel as if your a kid. I mean, you just got out of middle school right? So what's the rush?

Sophomore year: You've gotten a taste of what high school is like and you're glad you aren't a freshman anymore. You're a little calmer, but still a nuisance to everyone around you. Your mind starts developing more around the high school you are in and you begin to get comfortable with your surroundings. You start making more friends and maybe even sign up for a couple of clubs. The world is you're oyster. A couple problems and some drama starts developing, but you brush it off rather quickly and move on. High school stress hasn't hit yet, and you're just smelling the flowers as you walk along.

Junior year: You are now in the upper class society. You feel as if nothing has changed over the past few years and feel as if that this year isn't going to be any different. However, it will. About halfway through the year, you start worrying about the fact that you only have one year of high school left. You start wondering what college you're going to go to and debate on what you're going to major in. You become a little smarter in your decision making skills and seem to understand more of what's going on around you. The freshman and sophomore's don't seem to interest you very much since you have a lot more on your mind and are trying to concentrate more on your school work. You can't wait for the year to end so you can begin your stress-free summer.

Senior year: You are now in 12th grade and in your last year before college. You begin applying to different universities and scholarships, hoping that you will soon land a break. You look down on the lower class students and feel rather sorry for them. You realize that they are wasting their time fooling around and not paying attention to their school work. You try to reason with them and give them an idea of the hardships ahead of they don't begin to get serious, but it seems to go in through one ear and come out of the other. You now see things more clearly and have much more respect for the adults around you, since you are soon going to become one. You are calm and much more intact with everything you are doing. Then you begin realizing that this is your last year of high school, and wondering where the time has gone. There are some moments you wish you could back and change, then there are others that just bring a smile to your face. You take more pictures, and laugh every chance you can. Graduation arrives, and you get that feeling you never thought you would have. Some of you might have even cried, some might have laughed, but that feeling was always there and it was saying, "It's all over..."

Maybe your high school experience happened that way, or maybe it was totally different. Maybe you skipped high school and decided to go explore the world. Maybe you had a bad high school experience in which case, I hope life will or has brought you much happiness and laughter. However, to those of you whom are graduating this year, I want to give my sincerest gratitude. We made it this far and in these past four years, we have grown up so much. I wish you all the best in your future careers and in your lives. To those of you whom already graduated, I hope you all succeeded in your life ling goals and are making your dreams come true as we speak. May God bless us all in everything we do and may He bless us in everything that we would like to achieve. Here's a quote to all of you who are graduating or will graduate soon: 

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.  And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.  ~Marianne Williamson

Sleep wonderfully,