Just wanted to do a quick blog, and I really do mean quick because I am beginning to smell some form of smoke coming from the kitchen that I had thought died down about an hour ago. Note to self: never turn on an oven without having someone nearby ever again. 

UPDATE! College is starting in August, signed up for the baptism at church which I believe is also coming in August (I think, not to sure though) and I can't find my sunglasses at the moment. Everything is just completely hectic. I don't remember summer vacation being like this. Shouldn't I be at a water park somewhere waiting in line to get on a huge slide? Or at the beach soaking up the sun? Or getting sunburnt? I would take any form of relaxation at the moment. 

The burning smell seems to be getting stronger. I'm beginning to get nervous.

California is having incredibly hot weather so we're all slowly melting. The only thing that seems to be keeping us alive is our AC and a freezer stocked up with ice cream. Which reminds me that I really need to start running soon. I hope you are all doing absolutely wonderful and are thanking God for all the blessings that you have in your lives! He is truly amazing in every way possible. 

My laptops battery light is flashing red at me repeatedly, telling me it's dying and the smoke smell is getting pretty bad. Panic time. I'll try and do a proper blog later letting you guys know I'm still alive.


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